Saturday, August 4, 2007

I shall not be moved

Today, I am standing on the solid Rock, and I shall not be moved. No matter if there are storm clouds gathering around me, I shall not be moved. Satan, and his band of demons can throw their arsenal of weapons my way, but upon this Rock is where I will stay. My faith will see me through, and with God on my side, there is nothing to fear. Come join me my friends, on the solid Rock of ages, together we shall not be moved. But, our faith, can, and will, move mountains. Blessings to everyone.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

GREAT!! Stand firm!! That is all that we can do...Hang in there, Denise. Thanks for visiting today!! I hope you liked my son in law. He is really a very handsome man. I will explain the reason tomorrow on my blog. SAndy

Donetta said...

Hell, It is Sunday Morning (9 a.m.)
I just read this post funny our minds both thought of the ROCK yesterday .
Maybe on all fours, white knuckled with wind in our hair., but we WILL NOT be moved off this ROCK!
What time Friday? Early morning I hope.
Thank you for standing with me on the rock your weight of character behind me kept my footing a bit easier.
Have you ever watched the movie Gadiater? In it is a scene that I thought of more than once with you in my mind. The war fair was a line upon line of troupe the archers did not aim at them but behind the to burn out their retreat. Forcing them on to the slaughter. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US! Fear no evil neither the arrow that fly at day nor the pestilence that stalks us. Embrace Psalm 91, it is you who has set your love upon Him and because you have... said...

Blessings to you Denise!! God has you by your hand and He will hold you real firm!! He won't let you go!! I am praying for you for a sucess with the surgery on Friday!! I love you!!