Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Am Bible Study-Lesson 13

1. Do you struggle with a sense of self-worth? How do you perceive this has affected the way you are able to 'keep your head upright'? If not, do you know someone who suffers in this area? I struggled with self worth all of my life, due to so many various reasons. But, then I realized that my self worth is not dependant upon what others think of me, or do to me. God gives me my worth, He thinks I was worth dying for, that makes me worthy. Thank You Lord.
2. What are you most afraid of? Does this fear affect the way you move through life? (Ex. Are you overprotective with children? Afraid to take risks?) I am most afraid of losing my husband, but I know God can help me overcome this fear.
3. What is one of the most marvelous ways God has provided a need? I can't wait to hear your stories on this one! Every time we have a financial need, God steps in. We will go to our mailbox, and find an unexpected check. The most recent blessing was for my eye surgery, our part had to be paid on the day of my surgery. Well, through God using one of his sweet earth angels, we received a check in the mail for the exact amount we needed. God is good all the time.
4. Steve Brown, a Moody Broadcasting Bible Teacher, is one of the first people I ever heard teach the concept that God was not mad at me. I grew up in a denomination that led me to believe He was in a continuous state of disappointment over my failures. How about you? Though in your heart you know God says He loves you, does Satan in your mind ever try to convince you otherwise? Oh, definitely. Satan gets on my back big time. He says things like: you are no good, God does not care about you, and He sure doesn't love you. I just say to him: hold on a minute, while I get my Father.
5. How close are you to your own Promised Land? Not at all, 1/2 way, almost there? By this I mean the place of abundant living and effectiveness here on earth, not the ultimate fulfillment in Glory! Though I hope you are going to heaven, I don't want it to be today! :) I would say, by the grace of God, 1/2 way there.

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Bless your Heart! You are already writing devo's for us! and this is a good one,too! love you!

Oldqueen44 said...

Glad to see you are back.
Q 1. I don't think I struggle with self worth but more with am I doing the right things in life that are of eternal value. Like weeding the yard which is a constant battle. Does weeding have any eternal value? I remind myself that God is with us in the mundane, slowly growing us into the gem He desires for us, me.
Q. 2 I am most afraid of being tested as a Christian.. which includes things like husbands expiring. I think mostly emotional pain. My Mom died when I was 12 so I probably over react to loss.
Q. 3 The greatest need that falls into the miracle range happened several years ago. We were driving from NM to Calif. which means we go through Needles Calif. 110 temps are common. The radiator hose went out in the truck and we were stuck in an area where you can go 50 miles and see nothing but dirt and cactus. The first blessing was that we stopped where there was an overpass. There are no roads out there for an overpass to be needed, so praise God we had shade to stop under. My Knight messed with the radiator hose as much as possible. Then we headed out again and got maybe another 5 miles before the steam was rolling again. OK HERE IS TH BIG MIRACLE. When we stopped again I opened my door and said Look honey there is a radiator hose. If yo know anything about cars you know that they come in hundreds of combinations of sizes and lengths. This hose was new but had a defect at one end. That didn't matter because it was slightly too long so he cut that part off and put it on the truck. Perfect fit. PRAISE GOD. However we were still out of water from all the loss in steam. NOT TO WORRY. Right after My Knight was finised attaching the hose a man drives up and asked if we needed water. He said he passed through that way all the time and carried extra water. So we filled it up and we got all the way to our destination without another hitch. I swear by the grace of God this is a true story.
Q. 4 I just lean on the truth and move on. Satan gets no victory in this area.
Q. 5 Big question. It goes back to the first one. I am secure in my salvation but I question my effectiveness here on earth. My Knight says me and the Lord are bosom buddies but I think he just humors me.

Have a blessed day. I'm not going back to proof read any of this so sorry for all/any mistakes.

Mindy said...

Great answers!
I love your statement about the fact that he loved me enough to die for me!
SO true! And a good thing to remember when I'm have a day when I'm feeling lousy about myself.

Allison said...

Hello my friend :) Hey I just got in from spending all day at the doctors and they are testing me this upcoming Tuesday for Cilicacs (silly-axe) disease, chrones, lactose intollreance, and about a dozen other tests - it will take all day to test me. My body is very weak and I have not been able to keep down much food - just chicken and white rice and juice and water - I am not quite sure whats going on with my intestines not to mention all the tests they are doing are somewhat humiliating and painful - I had to give 10 tubes of blood today and passed out and my veins collapsed - they had to wind up drawing blood from a vein in my toe because my veins are too weak.

Please pray for my body to recover from whatever is going on - I really am feeling lousy but am looking forward to whatever His will is for me.


Thanks for the prayers, I appreciate them, I am off to sleep, I am so very tired.


The Preacher's Wife said...

I am so grateful God provided for your surgery .... you are such an example of joy under pressure!

much love,


Gretchen said...

"Oh, definitely. Satan gets on my back big time. He says things like: you are no good, God does not care about you, and He sure doesn't love you. I just say to him: hold on a minute, while I get my Father."

What a great response! I'm going to steal that one and use it until I don't need it anymore. :)

I also love what you said about your worth--so much that Jesus died for you. So simple, and yet that IS the basis of it all.

Thank you, friend. Awesome doing this study w/you. xxxoooogretchen

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

Thank you for always sharing your heart...

We are such a work in progress... on this journey... are we not!!

I'm so glad you are doing better... you are the most precious person I know

Love you so much

Etta said...

A wonderful testimony of His provision. Thank you!

MiPa said...

"He thinks I was worth dying for, that makes me worthy."

Amen! Glad to see you back after your surgery. Praying your recovery continues well.

Susanne said...

Amen to your answers on #1 and #4!! You are so precious!!!