Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Be A Victor

Do you ever feel like a total loser? Do you feel like you have nothing to offer the world? Are there times when you feel like just giving up? Well, you are not alone. So many of us, are walking around feeling defeated, and depressed. We have got to stop this kind of negative thinking, and negative living. We are daughters of the King, we wield mighty swords. Our Father has supplied us with infinite powers, such as the power of prayer. Prayer can change life's, and save life's. Faith can move mountains, if only you believe. The precious word of God, the holy Bible, can be your road map of life, it can keep you on the straight and narrow, if you will follow it. So, quit feeling like a loser, use the weapons that God has blessed you with, and be a victor, instead of a victim.


Annabelle said...

I have said some of those phrases before..."I don't feel I have anything to offer" or "I feel so inadequate"...I actually said that to the Director of our Children's ministry and she told me to NOT believe what Satan is telling you. So thank you for reminding me to focus on what God says and not attacks from Satan!

Gretchen said...

Thank you for your sweet encouragement. You are one of the biggest WINNERS I know. xxxooogretchen

Donetta said...

I love that sword I thought that could be a good award to go around and encourage one another. It is so nice to have you back .