Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Update On Bonnie

Bonnie says hello and sends her love. She went to the hospital on Friday and had the dialysis port replaced and the veins in her arms mapped for possible future use. The dialysis port was replaced because it wasn't working when she went to treatments. It works better now and more good news is that her infection has cleared up and we have stopped the antibiotic IV treatments. She had the IV lines for this removed from her arm too. Her kidneys are still not working yet but we are trusting the LORD. Sunday was her first time back to church. Everyone was so glad to see her and applauded her return. We thank God for answering prayers.In Hebrews 4:16 the bible says, "Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need."Thank you all for going to the throne room for Bonnie. It means so much to know that so many care for us. God Bless You !Love,Jack and Bonnie


Pearls of Wisdom said...

Dear Denise,

I was so worried and wondering about Bonnie lately thanks for all the updates my friend.
Dear Bonnie and Jack ,

I will continue to uplift Bonnie to our Father in prayer. Many gentle hugs , love, smiles and blessings. We all miss you.


Angel ():)

Hopeful Spirit said...

Sending healing hugs your way!

Sharon said...

I was wondering about Bonnie, too. She is in my prayers daily.

eph2810 said...

Thank you, Denise for the latest up-date on Bonnie. Good to here that she is on the way of recovery.
Blessings on your day and always.