Tuesday, March 8, 2016


It is not my choice to be physically wrecked like I am at this point in my life. My feet, and legs are totally dead. No feeling in them at all, I have no words to describe them. My vision is almost gone, blurry constantly. Diabetes is named correctly-Die-bĂȘtes. Diabetes caused my stroke, and heart attack, and nerve problems in my legs, feet, hands, stomach, and eyes. But, when I consider the alternative, pushing up daisies, no thanks. My choice is to push through the physical, and emotional pains of this world, so that one day, I can step into eternity, and receive my brand new, disease free body!!


Anonymous said...

Good choice. I have Diabetes also but so far can still walk and see okay, although the nerves in my legs and feet are affected with numbness and pins/needles. I'll keep you in prayer. I liked your post.:)

Mom to 3 said...

Hi Denise! I pray that God continues to give you peace and comfort. Thank you for stopping by my blog friend!


RCraig418 said...

Hello my sweet friend, Thank you for your post today. You are such a blessing! You are an amazing woman whose strength never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for being such a loving sister in Christ! You are in my prayers! <3 Love You!