Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In Other Words Tuesday

“ Christmas belongs to us,
the believers of Christ,
it doesn’t belong to the world.
Christ needs to be elevated in our hearts year around.
He didn’t come to be marketed, as a seasonal gift
on sale for half price.
We were the ones, that were bought at a price. ”David Jeremiah
Amen, so very true. We should not just celebrate Jesus at Christmas, He should be celebrated everyday.  He is not something to be found at a sale on black friday. He lives within our hearts, that is where you can find Him.  He is the greatest gift ever given, priceless. Mary wrapped the very first Christmas gift, baby Jesus. Every other gift dims in comparison, nothing comes close to the value of Jesus. Jesus was not, and cannot, be bought. He freely gives His self away.  We were the ones bought, at a great cost, Jesus's life. It is past time, to try to repay Him, as if we ever could!! But, we can try. Spread the good news, of Jesus, and His love this Christmas, and always.                                                                                                                


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!

Isn't it great that we know it's only through Christ Jesus that our sins can be forgiven and that we can receive Eternal Life? Praise God!

God bless!

Karen said...

Good post, so full of truths it was great to read. We never could pay Jesus back for what He purchased for us. We are the ones winding up with the greatest gift. Thanks for sharing today.

Cranberry Morning said...

Great post, Denise!! Praise God for His unspeakable gift!

NanaNor's said...

Good Morning Denise, Thank you for stopping by my place-you are always a blessing! I love this post, such truth! We may be the only bible folks are ever exposed to, if our eyes aren't focused on Him they might not always see Him.
Hugs today and Christmas blessings.

Peggy said...

So true. Thanks for the reminder. Have a merry and God-blessed Christmas.

Peggy said...

Hallelujah! AMEN Denise,

Best GIFT ever... Jesus!

Love how you wrote: "Mary wrapped the very first Christmas gift, Baby Jesus"
Precious and the Father had Him sent special delivery!

I'm so grateful for the GIFT I receive all year round, Jesus living in me! No greater JOY!

Many blessings and thanks so much for sharing and shining His love,

Cathy said...

Amen! Thank God for the gift of Jesus. Lord, lead us as we spread the Word. Love you, Dear

Jocelyn said...

I think Jesus is smiling at your words, Denise. I believe He agrees so completely with you!

Karen said...

Amen! Great truths here...